Virtual Tour features will vary from one virtual tour company to the next, but the best part about using the Omnivision 360 virtual tour solution is that we are able to program in all of features that our virtual tour dealers like about the other virtual tour systems, keeping our technology on the cutting edge of the virtual tour technology.

Making the decision to choose Omnivision 360 to enhance your website is making an intelligent business decision. We encourage you to research the industry and feel free to contact your Omnivision 360 sales representative at any time if you have questions on how we compare to other virtual tour technologies. We are one of the oldest virtual tour companies in the industry and that means technology shoppers, our customers, and their clients get only the best and most experienced advice and help from our staff.

Here are some of our many virtual tour features:
1 Omnivision 360 creates a custom banner for each realtor/owner.
2 Agent or Owner contact information as well as links to their E-mail and Web site.
3 The Agent or Owner photo can be added to further customize and market each virtual tour.
4 Instantly view more virtual tours by visiting the tour gallery.
5 A 60 second "Audio Biography" may be added to the virtual tours.
6 Professionally voiced premium audio, with or without music, can be added to any virtual tour.
7 Video - The Video button allows you to add a video clip to your virtual tour for enhancing user experience with motion and sound.
8 Slide Show - This wonderful slideshow feature will showcase all of your snapshots within the virtual tour in a slide by slide presentation.
9 E-mail button allows viewers to E-mail a link of the virtual tour to family and friends.

The Download button allows viewers to download the virtual tour as a program file for quick and easy distribution by CD, or other types of media.

11 The favorite’s button allows viewers to add the virtual tour to their favorites section of the web browser.
12 Custom printable flyers and floor plans can be included with every virtual tour, providing additional tour details.
13 Additional information about the city can be accessed on every virtual tour.
14 Detailed information on public libraries as well as local and private schools is included with every virtual tour.
15 Omnivision 360 automatically maps the location of each virtual tour for the convenience of the tour viewer.
16 An overhead aerial and satellite view is placed on every virtual tour.

Mortgage Info - The mortgage info button allows you to calculate estimated mortgage information. The button can be redirected to your preferred mortgage vendor's site as a lead generator.

18 The "Back/Next" button returns the viewers to the previous virtual tour scene or takes them to the next.
19 The virtual tour title is displayed in the upper left hand corner.
20 Omnivision 360 makes navigating through virtual tours very easy. Help is just a click away.
21 Each scene within the virtual tour is accessible with our drop down shortcut menu.
22 Right of the tour window is reserved for the agency logo.
23 Detailed MLS information is included with every virtual tour.

The Omnivision 360 virtual tour window is larger than other companies, without compromising download speed. Images appear crisp and glossy, and window shots are not washed out.

25 Omnivision 360 tours have Hot Spots that can be customized for each client. Hot Spots give the viewer information and a sense of direction within the tour.
26 Navigation buttons give viewers control over turning left, right, up, down, and zoom in or out.
27 The text box shows what room or scene the viewer is in.
28 Spinfo - This allows you to enter a text based description of each scene within the virtual tour.

Omnivision 360's system allows the tour builder to add marketing partner banners in the top right corner of every virtual tour. The more marketing partners that participate in the advertising, the more affordable the virtual tours become.

30 Skin colors are customizable on every virtual tour allowing you to fully personalize your virtual tours.
31 Hit Counter - This secret button allows the Realtor or the home seller to run virtual tour hit traffic reports anytime!


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